Background Of Employment Exchange Directorate Brief Background


  • National Employment service (NES) came into existence in July 1945 for the purpose of resettling demobilized Defence service personnel and discharged War Workers in civil life through the network of employment exchanges controlled by the then Directorate General of Resettlement and employment (DGR&E). Subsequently separate wing for civilians was created and termed as Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGE&T).
  • The primary objective is placement of job-seekers either on regular jobs and through counseling motivate job seekers to avail of self-employment opportunities available with the District Industries centres (D.I.C) and also sponsor candidates for various Government self Employment Scheme.
  • District Employment Officer is a member of the DIC which screens loan application of the candidates.
  • For furtherance of the employability of the job-seekers , collection of employment market information, career counseling and vocational guidance are inbuilt in the system.


Job Assistance Services:

  1. To register the job seekers at respective Employment Exchanges throughout the state of Uttarakhand with a view to provide them job assistance, vocational guidance career counseling & self-employment solutions.
  2. To submit the particulars of registered candidates for employment against vacancies notified by different employers both in public as well as in private sectors at local Employment Exchanges.
  3. To forward the applications submitted by the candidates to respective employers against advertised vacancies through Employment Exchanges.
  4. To maintain running record of registered job seekers in Employment Exchanges according to national classification of occupation (NCO).


Vocational Guidance Services:


  1. To suggest measures with a view to enhancing the employability of an individual or groups of individual.
  2. To offer assistance to an individual or groups of individuals in preparing to choose, change and adjust to occupational life.
  3. To evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals and match them with the job requirements.
  4. To generate awareness and appreciation of the realities of employment market in the community.
  5. To collaborate or co-operate with other agencies in the field of guidance to stimulate and promise joint efforts.
  6. To promote self-employment.



  1. To collect and compile occupational information and to disseminate it to individuals and groups of individuals.
  2. To provide individual guidance (Counseling Services) to those who require such assistance.
  3. To maintain liaison with employers and heads of training institutions, to develop and promote placement of suitable applicants in institutional/implant training or in apprenticeship or advertised jobs.
  4. To participate in guidance programmes conducted by other government or voluntary agencies.
  5. To develop tools and techniques for improving the efficiency of Vocational Guidance Programme.
  6. To impart necessary skills to personnel operating the programme.
  7. To educate the public by undertaking suitable publicity measures to arouse community consciousness and encourage maximum utilization of guidance services.


Self-Employment Services & Solutions:

  1. Registration of candidates for promotion of self-employment activities with a view of entrepreneurship development.
  2. Forwarding the particulars and applications of candidates for apprentice programmes & other self-employment opportunities.
  3. Providing vital information to the candidates in various areas of economy, establishment & development of self-employment ventures. Giving information about Initial Project Report (I.P.R.) of different activities and government sponsored programmes for self-employment to the candidates.


Employment Market Information Programme:

  1. To collect quarterly ER - I Returns relating to manpower employed in Govt., Quasi Govt., Local Bodies and Private Sector establishments.
  2. To collect biennial ER - II Returns (Designation wise, Qualification based) from Public Sector & Private Sector establishments every alternate year.
  3. To process and analyze Employment Returns ER - I & ER - II to prepare manpower planning district - wise for the whole state in the light of availability of human resources and their demand in the job market.
  4. To inspect the records of employment of Act establishment in the jurisdiction of respective employment exchanges.
  5. To maintain liaison with different employers Organization, Bodies, Govt. department & Agencies representatives of Trade & Industries to fulfill objectives of the Directorate.
  6. To publish periodically different reports & findings to disseminate vital information and statistics relating to employment and manpower planning.



  • Basic objectives of the Employment wing of the Department is registration and assist in placement of the job-seekers.
  • To collect comprehensive Information and compile on quarterly basis for creation of data base for use of the demand and supply of labour.
  • Preparation of career literature for counseling and vocational guidance.
  • Conduct area specific specialized study/surveys termed as area reports. This report has an assessment of skills available and the marketable skills required for encouraging the job-seekers for self-employment particularly in rural informal sector.
  • The scope of the employment service was extended to cover employment service to all categories of job seekers.


Training Wing:

  • To ensure steady flow of skilled manpower to industries.
  • To equip the youth with practical skills which enable them to seek employment or self-employment.
  • To rise the quality and quantity of industrial production by systematic training of workers.


Employment Wing:  

  • To promote the best possible co-ordination between manpower supply and demand by rendering assistance to be job seekers and employer.
  • To promote employability of students and a job seekers through Vocational Guidance activities.
  • To facilitate manpower planning and analysis through effective implementation of Employment Market Information programme.



If any unemployed, illiterate or literate person wants’ job in any age then they can registered in employment office.



There are no registration charges in the employment office.



At the time of registration in employment office the candidate should have present his/her qualification certificates/mark sheets/domicile(if he/she belongs to any reservation) and also produce his/her domicile of uttarakhand .If candidate have any experienced then he/she can give his/her experience certificates.